Endurance équestre Rhône-Alpes Auvergne 


Barre des Cévennes 



The registration to the “OMAN RIDER’S CHALLENGE” is automatically perform when you register to the race of Barre des Cévennes, Jullianges, Florac Ispagnac 

The race is open for all riders. Ranking based on scratch for all level and nationality. 

It is not mandatory to attend the 3 events to be final ranked 

Riders acquire points based on rank on race they attended. 

Ranking will be published after each race during Prize Giving Ceremony 

Information will be available either on ATRM web site or on race organizer web site. 


Point counting:  

The amount of point obtained is the result of the number of rider finishing and ranked on the race 

Calculation of the number of point is: amount of ranked – rank of the rider 

i.e. 25 ranked riders all in all, 12th position for the rider: amount of point = 25 – 12 = 13 

i.e. 38 ranked riders all in all, 10th position for the rider: amount of point = 38 – 10 = 28 

in addition of the amount of point received by calculation an other amount of will be provided on each race regarding to the 5 first rider : 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 5, 4th = 3 and 5th = 2 


Prize provided by the Sultanate of OMAN and Royal Cavalry of OMAN. 

1st : € 3000, 2nd : € 2000, 3rd : € 1500, 4th : € 1000, 5th : € 1000